How to take back creative Identity and reclaim the dream.

Once upon a time there was a 22 year old woman who liked to paint pictures. She had a little gallery wall that she curated and even sold a few paintings. She soon realized that folks really deliberated on buying paintings and that she would rather commit to a creative process that would be more tangible. After taking classes at the Cambridge Center for adult Education and Massachusetts College of Art, she decided to concentrate her creative focus on creating Jewelery. Long story short, after finding that people liked her Jewelery and meeting with some success she moved to California where she lost her nerve entirely.

The woman lost creative focus and became with tools and reminiscences of capabilities. The creatives she became acquainted with, admired the organizational, management & sales skills that kept her in afloat and in motion. While she always seemed to have artistic leanings
the creative flow lay dormant, subsumed by assisting others in forms of promotion, agency and the all consuming addiction to a Paycheck.

Gradually the world shifted on its access and the woman was blessed. The rat race subsided and a path opened to get back on the creative track.
Lets see where she goes once she is back to working on the dream.

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