A Necessary thing! The ManeTamer by codacraft

Hello Peeps.

Since locking over 10 years back, I’d tried nearly everything I could lay hands on to first lock then to maintain my locks, (bobby pins, rubber bands, hair, gels, more hairgels and in a moment of complete madness, WAX)! I came upon a system of twisting a few years ago that made sense to me but the tool involved did not make sense at all…. It was thick and round where I needed it to be thin & graceful. So I sat at my bench & came up with this design that has been really a critical part of my hairs maintenance for the past few years.

I am not a loctician or a teacher so I will just break it down the way I do it… Start with Clean hair that has at a finger tips worth of new growth….take the end of the dread & lock it in the small loop at one end of the tool…take the tapered end & feed it through the new growth near the scalp, along with any stray hairs you can place…you’ll want to make a slight twist for the next pass depending on how thick your hair is you should be able to do this at least 2x … start slow, and ease a little shea butter to give your hair some tensile strength and moisture for the next pass through, for gods sake don’t twist too tight, there is enough hair loss stress in the world already.

This system works well with my mature locks but Im sure that you can work this method from the two strand twists once you’ve decided to lock permanently. My locks are a pencils width and longer so I use a 3″ tool You may only need a 1 & a half inch tool if your sprouting a new crop so
Let me know what size you’d like…..

I make these in Brass since it is really flexible and strong… but they can be made in silver too… Convo me if you want it in silver.

I haven’t tried it yet, but judging by you tube videos I have seen The Main Tamer will work on those with looser curl patterns than Mine…( i see dread people… ๐Ÿ™‚ Look up the latch hook method, this has got to be better for your hair & smoother that contraption…

This will not take the place of being pampered by your righteous & talented loctician, But it will give you the option to save a little something something for a rainy day….

Copyright 2011, Patent Pending.
Peace & Love


The Key to your Locks.....

The Keys to your Locks

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