Codacraft is the end of the piece. Repetition is uncertain but the resolve to complete the piece is there Deliberately.

Codacraft has been for years the source of many happenings in the local folk alty roots music scene. As the standard method of communicating & booking our Musical offerings folks around here are pretty sure that when a missive from CodaCraft hits their in box there’s going to be a musical happening or some sort or an opportunity to join in & baste in the Creative community of the East Bay.

Well I am sorta getting back to  the roots of the name. I started using CodaCraft as a Brand name for my line of Handcrafted Jewelry many years ago. My Etsy Shop flies that name currently and we will probably start notifying you of Events as well… If you know me or my husband you know something fun and forward is about to be jumping off… soooo Watch this Space…. Check out my work, and shoot me a line if you see  something you like…I am going to be using these pages as a Display space , event calendar and a place to render my magnificent opinion. Joking……

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